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Surface Lifts
(T-Bar & Platter)


The Capt would rate the T-Bar as Intermediate to Expert lift, but if all they have, consider them a beginner's right-of-passage.


The Basic T-Bar will come one of two flavors, the Pogo Pole (internal spring) and the Retractable Cable. Either type can be ridden by 1 or 2 riders preferably of the same height. When loading with a new skier, ensure they are on the lift operator side. It may be best to try first time without poles. Get instruction on how to dismount and let go of the T-Bar prior to getting on the lift 



  • Move into the loading position, with skis pointed fwd,hunch down a little.

  • if two riders, they should be less than 15cm/6in apart,

  • Lift Operator will place T-Bar behind you under the lower bum of the two riders

  • Grab the pole in the middle and outside edge of bar,

  • Prepare for the "launch lurch", and possibly a smaller second one.



  • Do not sit down, you may be temped but it will end badly,

  • Stay in the tracks, do not pull to the left or right unless avoiding an obstacle,

  • If you fall off, exit the ride, holding on and dragged to the top is just an undignified way to arrive,

  • If you get off prematurely (and you will), get you and your gear out of the tracks as quickly as possible.


  • If two riders, the one closest to the exit at the top pulls themselves slightly forward using the hand gripping the pole, peeling out and off of the side of the track,

  • The remaining rider should pull themself forward using the hand gripping the pole, move the bar out from behind them and then let go of the T-Bar at the prescribe position (ask before getting on), the correct process will vary from lift to lift,

  • Failure to let go at the correct position will usually result in a dressing-down by the hilltop lift attendant. 

T-Bars: Video


As with the T-Bar, the Platter/Poma tow come in the same two flavors. Only one rider at a time unless you are take a wee-one up between your legs. The use will load the same way except the lift operator will put the pole with a plate attached to it between your legs**. The rider then pinches the bar between their legs for the ride up. May be best to try this first without poles.


**Gentlemen: Failure to adjust this to a comfortable position may cause you to wish you had.


  • Get quickly into position with ski pointed forward,

  • Leave a 10-20 cm gap between your legs,

  • Once pole is in place, grab it to absorb the launch,

  • Poles are then held in free hand away from the lift operator, avoid whacking them (remember where they are placing the pole).

While Riding:

  • Once underway bring legs together gripping pole, do not sit down on the platter,

  • If you fall off, the lift "should stop", either way you and your gear need to get quickly out of the way,

  • Exit the lift area by lower exit, do not get in the way or try to reload on an empty platter (this is fun to watch),

  • If lift stops, you will slide backwards, this is okay, but the restart will be more abrupt than the initial launch.


  • Spread legs far enough apart to remove the platter,

  • Keep holding platter, raising it up to waist/chest,

  • Release it as prescribed (You did ask, didn't you?).

  • Move out of the landing zone quickly.

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